Videos With Values

Sovev Media works hand in hand with clients who have serious goals — to reach a constituency with a message, and drive them to positive action. We've helped dozens of organizations build their video strategy, perfect concepts, and then bring the production resources to make it all happen.


We work with clients to put together a clear and concise plan of action for every project.

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From concept to audio sweetening, Sovev Media handles all aspects of production to create a memorable video.

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We help our clients find the audience they need to reach by placing the videos we create in the places people are watching.

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In Production

Sovev is currently producing an animated "video infographic" for a major technology company with clients in the educational sector.

Developing a Style

Working from a script provided by the client, we're developing a look and feel that speaks to the subject matter.

Finding the Balance

Because we're presenting facts and data, it's important to balance sleek delivery with valuable information.

Call to Action

Ultimately, this piece will be used to market educational technology solutions via B2B marketing channels.

Our Partners

We work with exceptional production teams all over the world. Check out their work.

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Never Without a Picture

Our LA-based production partner.

Half Full Entertainment

For live events and entertainment.

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