Campaign Launch at Advertising Week

In the U.K., Campaign magazine has been described as “The Bible of British Adland.” We helped them launch a U.S. site at Advertising Week 2014.


For over five decades, Campaign has been the go-to publication for advertising insiders. When we first met with Haymarket Media, the magazine’s London-based parent company, they were just two weeks out from announcing the U.S. launch of

The plan was to time the launch alongside Advertising Week 2014, in New York City, one of the ad industry’s most important gatherings.

They needed video content for the new site, and fast!


Sovev immediately set to work sourcing a 4-person roving crew to cover the week-long event. Our package included experienced on-camera host Will Allen, a camera operator with full Canon C100 kit and a production assistant. We set up our editor at Haymarket’s New York offices so he could handle footage as it came in each day.


Over the course of Advertising Week, the crew secured over a dozen interviews with key industry players like Michael Roth of IPG, Droga5’s David Droga, WPP boss Martin Sorell, and Bonin Bough of Mendelez International.

By the end of each day, we also produced a short video recapping the day’s highlights alongside a Campaign writer. These recaps were timed to publish on by the following morning.

After Advertising Week, we delivered a short (less than 90-second) interview with each thought leader, as well as a full length interview (5-10 minutes) that Campaign was able to publish over several weeks, priming the pump with content for the newly launched site.

Furthermore, we also advised the staff at Campaign on video posting and sharing best practices to maximize viewership. According to Campaign’s video analytics, the videos performed very well, collectively garnering thousands of views within two weeks of appearing on the site.


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Daniel T. Allen is the executive producer and founder of Sovev Media.

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