You know your audience. We know video.

Sovev Media works with our clients to perfect a concept based on audience, goals and timing. Then we round up the production resources to make it happen. We can be your "one stop shop" for all phases of the creative process, or tailor a package for your specific needs.


Big visions for videos, preparing detailed project pitches, crowdfunding campaigns. We're just getting started here.


Pre-production: scriptwriting, scheduling and booking, logistics, securing interviews, narrative structure, pulling together production resources.


Brilliant camerawork, expert finishing with 2D and 3D animation, soundtrack, packaging, and trafficking to digital outlets.

Our Philosophy

The Hebrew word sovev can be used as a preposition to indicate surrounding or encompassing. To the mystics, sovev kol almin represented the highest, unlimited level of divine light that surrounds all existence.

Light fills a room, but has no mass. A small amount of light can dispel a great amount of darkness. And most importantly, rays of light do not at all diminish the brightness of their source of emanation.

This is our approach to the creative process. We start with a big flash of inspiration. Then we do our best to encompass all of its offshoots as we bring it closer to reality.

We execute a final product that is always connected to its source.

This is Sovev Media. Worlds Above.

Case Studies

A six episode documentary series produced for a college-level science course. More...
Week-long coverage of NYC Advertising Week for the relaunch of a famous U.K. Magazine. More...
We made a video with Legos!
The world says, 'If you can't crawl under an obstacle, try to climb over,' but I say, 'At the outset, climb over!"